Eco Sud S.A

The investments made so far in the two Landfills of Vidra and Mofleni, Craiova are based on advanced technologies for the storage and waste disposal issues, correlate to the most relevant problems in terms of environmental protection and human health.

In the near future, EcoSud will offer integrated waste management services through its recycling and waste energy recovery projects.

Major investments over the past three years were made for:

- construction of new cells - Euro 1,4 million
- equipment - Volvo dumpers, compactors, Bomag, Volvo vehicles - Euro 1,3 million
- work to close the inactive cells for the post-closure monitoring, meant for using the biogas - Euro 850,000

Sanitary landfills

  • Vidra – Bucharest Sanitary Landfill

  • Mofleni – Craiova Sanitary Landfill

  • Mavrodin Teleorman Central Landfill