Eco Sud S.A

We are glad to have a company with a clear mission: to protect and preserve the environment, thus making sure that we are doing our duty of keeping our world as unpolluted and healthy as possible.

In addition, our vision is to provide integrated environmental solutions, as well as professional services in the field of solid waste, designed to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We set out to ensure dignifying, safe and attractive jobs for our employees and continue to develop a company devoted to excellence, environmental responsibility and ethical conduct.

Our company’s profile also mentions the fact that EcoSud is bound to minimise the environmental impact by means of all the operations and services it provides. Our approach combines the commitment for the quality of services, the technological progress and the concern towards the environment.

Sanitary landfills

  • Vidra – Bucharest Sanitary Landfill

  • Mofleni – Craiova Sanitary Landfill

  • Mavrodin Teleorman Central Landfill