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Judetul Bacau

With an approx. € 44 million investment, Bacau is among the few counties in Romania which have an Solid Waste Integrated Management System (SMID). The 23-years period contract that was signed with Eco Sud, with value of 296.500.000 Ron, shall ensure an effective management of the Waste Integrated Management System of Bacau county, and shall include cells 2, 3, and 4, the sorting facilities in Bacau, Onesti and Moinesti, the composting facilities in Bacau and Onesti and the transfer stations in Onesti, Gaiceana and Beresti-Tazlau, providing services for 93 municipalities, cities and towns in Bacau county.  

Developed activities:

  • Management of the Ecologic Landfill Bacau- Cell 2 and annexed installations;
  • Executing and operating cells 3 and 4 in the Bacau Landfill;
  • Operating the processing, sorting and composting installations in Bacau, Moinesti and Onesti;
  • Operating the transfer stations in Onesti, Gaiceana and Beresti-Tazlau.

The Bacau Landfill is designed for a total capacity of m3 3.270 million and has 4 storage cells.

The landfill has, aside from the storage cells, a sorting station, a composting station and other installations as follows:

-sorting station inside the landfill, in a space of m3 1.300, which has a 12.000 tn/year processing capacity;

-composting station which has a 5000 tn/year capacity for processing green waste from selective collecting in the areas 1 and 2 of the county;

-crushing centre for waste from construction and demolitions;

-centre for collecting and processing of voluminous, electrical and electronic, and dangerous waste, from household waste;

The Moinesti Sorting Station has a 6000 tn/year capacity and is located in an outside the city area of the Moinesti municipality, having a m2 2.800 area.

On the Onesti site there have been built three installations for waste processing: a transfer station, a sorting station and a composting station.

  • - the sorting station has a 14.000 tn/year capacity and is located outside the city area of Onesti municipality.
  • - the composting station has an average capacity of 8.500 tn/year and functions based on a principle of simple mechanic-biological processing installation, which processes the biodegradable household waste that have been collected separately from the inhabitants and the biodegradable waste from markets, diners and restaurants.
  • -the transfer station has an average capacity of 35.000 tn/year.

The GAICEANA transfer station is situated on the administrative territory of the Gaiceana commune, having a capacity of 5.000 tn/year.

The BERESTI-TAZLAU transfer station has an average functioning capacity of 17.000 tn/year.