Mofleni – Craiova Regional Sanitary Landfill for Urban and Assimilable Solid Wastee Asimilabile Mofleni, Craiova

It was inaugurated in 2005, following the partnership agreement concluded with Craiova Municipality Local Council. The existence of Mofleni Sanitary Landfill has a general positive impact upon the inhabitants of Craiova municipality, by undertaking to use state-of-the-art technologies for sustainable development purposes, which leads to increasing the citizens’ comfort and quality of life.

The average waste flow at Mofleni Landfill reaches 400 tons on a daily basis, given that the landfill serves the entire Craiova municipality, as well as other 32 municipalities in Dolj county, that is approximately 420,000 inhabitants. Being designed to ensure the storage of around 6,000,000 m³ of waste, the landfill is estimated to operate over a 39-year lifespan.

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Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti), Giurgiu

Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti) is located on the administrative territory of Frățesti township, around 14 km north of Giurgiu municipality, and around 4.4 km away from Frățesti locality, in the Eastern vicinity of DN 5B Giurgiu – Ghimpați road. Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID) includes: a sanitary landfill, a composting station, a sorting station and serves the population of the entire Girugiu county, that is 289,000 inhabitants, out of which 88,646 in urban areas and 200,354 in rural areas.

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Mavrodin Central Landfill for Sorting, Composting, Treating and Storing Solid Municipal Waste from Teleorman county

The Central Landfill in Mavrodin, opened in 2013, is located on the administrative territory of Mavrodin township, around 20 km away from Alexandria municipality, serving the entire region of Teleorman county.

The landfill components are: the sanitary landfill itself, the composting station and a sorting station, divided over two areas:
• The dumping area comprises four cells intended for the disposal of waste and has an approximate area of 19.6 hectares;
• The service area, representing the sorting station and the composting station, networks, transport routes and a vehicle platform, covers 8.4 hectares.

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Vidra – Bucharest Sanitary Landfill for Urban and Industrial Assimilable Solid Waste

The Sanitary Landfill is located in Vidra township, Ilfov county. It operates in accordance with the European Community norms and the Romanian legislation in effect and treats some of the waste originating from Bucharest municipality.

• The dumping area, intended for storing waste, has an approximate area of 38.7 hectares, subdivided into cells of around 4.2 hectares each
• The service area, intended for logistics services, waste management and transfer activities, covers an area of 3.3 hectares
• Storage capacity: 11.5 million cubic metres
• Daily waste flow: approx. 1100 tons
• Operational lifespan: 25-30 years, until reaching the approved storage capacity
• Landfill body maximum height: 40 metres
• Waste quantity: 360,000 tons / year – last year’s production
• Landfill arrival frequency: 1 refuse truck / 6-7 minutes

The sanitary landfill serves households from all the capital city districts and Ilfov county, that is approx. 1,200,000 inhabitants.

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