Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti), Giurgiu

Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti) is located on the administrative territory of Frățesti township, around 14 km north of Giurgiu municipality, and around 4.4 km away from Frățesti locality, in the Eastern vicinity of DN 5B Giurgiu – Ghimpați road. Frățesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID) includes: a sanitary landfill, a composting station, a sorting station and serves the population of the entire Girugiu county, that is 289,000 inhabitants, out of which 88,646 in urban areas and 200,354 in rural areas.

Total area – 16.44 ha
The dumping area (the waste storage area) - 6 ha, subdivided into three cells, cell no. 1 measuring 1.88 ha, and cells no. 2 and 3 having 4.12 ha each;
The service area (the area intended designed for logistics services, waste management and transfer activities, the sorting station, the composting station), with an area of around 10.44 ha;
Capacity: 800,000 cubic metres;
Stored waste quantity: 100 tons/day;
Sorting capacity: 30 - 33 tons/day;
Composting capacity: 36.7 tons/day;
Operational lifespan: at least 20 years.