Mavrodin Central Landfill for Sorting, Composting, Treating and Storing Solid Municipal Waste from Teleorman county

The Central Landfill in Mavrodin, opened in 2013, is located on the administrative territory of Mavrodin township, around 20 km away from Alexandria municipality, serving the entire region of Teleorman county.

The landfill components are: the sanitary landfill itself, the composting station and a sorting station, divided over two areas:
• The dumping area comprises four cells intended for the disposal of waste and has an approximate area of 19.6 hectares;
• The service area, representing the sorting station and the composting station, networks, transport routes and a vehicle platform, covers 8.4 hectares.

The sorting station is located within the perimeter of a covered area measuring approximately 1550 sq m and contains a reception area, conveyor belts, a magnetic separator, an area for the manual sorting of waste at the source, a conveyor belt for manually sorted waste and a scrap baler. The sorting station has a capacity of 7500 t of recyclable waste/year.

The composting station, comprising the waste mechanical shredding area, the intensive composting area and the post-composting or maturation area, is designed to process 5000 t of green and biodegradable waste/year, collected from rural and urban areas.

Operational lifespan: at least 30 years;
Opened in 2013.