Eco Sud S.A

Social responsibility

We are a responsible company from a social standpoint and we can prove it not only by providing high-quality services, but also by means of numerous projects dedicated to the communities where we operate, with prompt responses to their needs.

The involvement in social responsibility projects, backed by professionalism and devotion, the struggle to protect the environment and the attempt to recover resources essential to life represent our motivation to give back to society

Starting from the premise that it is our duty to get actively involved in projects and actions seeking to improve the community standard of living, we have been applying the social partnership principle since 2001, and we actively take part in activities designed to support and boost the development of an educated society and a healthy environment.

• 2016 (September) Eco Sud, through Mofleni Sanitary Landfill, opened its gates on September 24 and 25 to the National Cleaning Campaign, organised by Let's Do It Romania - Dolj, providing the cost-free storage of 80 tons of household waste inadequately dumped within natural ecosystems, waste that was collected from within Dolj county. This was not the first involvement of the kind for Eco Sud, which carried out its fourth collaboration with Let's Do It Romania. Eco Sud praises and constantly supports environmental protection public initiatives, often eager to meet the needs of the civil society set out to take steps.

• 2013 Mavrodin Sanitary Landfill stored waste, over a period of six months, in order to prevent the dumping of, to recover energy from and safely dispose of waste. The project focused on compostable waste (vegetal, from gardening work, found in parks, organic, produced by restaurants and commercial premises) and waste from electronic and electric equipment (large household appliances, IT and communication equipment, consumer electronics).

• 2013 Eco Sud inaugurated a new environmental chapter in Teleorman county. The “Integrated waste management system for Teleorman County” project, initiated by Teleorman County Council and Teleorman Intercommunity Development Association and funded by the European Union, was finalised with Eco Sud company signing the delegation agreement for the concession of services concerning the Management of Mavrodin Central Landfill. The project was completed for a total cost of 21.5 million Euro and includes a sorting station, a composting station and a selective collection system.

• 2012 (February) Eco Sud initiated a campaign intended to help people in Ilfov County blocked by snow-drifts, isolated and unable to procure supplies, supporting the efforts to clear access in Vidra and Jilava townships. Eco Sud provided support to the communities in the vicinity of Vidra sanitary landfill, by mobilising its own machinery, front loaders and backhoe loaders, in order to clear the snow from the main roads of Vidra township, but also from the households of citizens in need of help. Moreover, the company promptly responded to the requests of Jilava Mayorship officials and donated diesel fuel for the mayorship to use in its communal snow-clearing machinery.

• 2012 (March) Eco Sud took part, for the third time, in the Eco Attitude campaign for ecological and environmental education, which engaged 85,000 students from Bucharest and other seven counties. During the campaign, Eco Sud also received a certificate of excellence.

• 2012 Eco Sud was at the starting line of the largest national cleaning campaign, organised by Let’s Do IT Romania. More than 210 tons of waste, inadequately dumped outside of built-up areas, were brought to the two landfills managed by Eco Sud (Vidra Sanitary Landfill in Ilfov and Mofleni Sanitary Landfill in Craiova) as a result of the volunteer action.

• 2011 Eco Sud took part in the “For a Clean Romania!” project, out of the wish for active involvement, in projects and actions that support and encourage the development of an educated society and a healthy environment. Eco Sud backed up the project by storing free of charge in Vidra Sanitary Landfill the waste collected following the action from May 14, 2011.

• 2011 Eco Sud took part, as a partner, in the “EcoAttitude = Responsibility, Information, Action” project, which involved the launch of a new concept, “The Ecology Class”, dedicated to 1st-8th grade students from Bucharest and Ilfov county.

• 2009 - 2010 a sponsoring project for an educational unit in Ilfov County – School no. 3 from Sintești. By modernising the classrooms and purchasing pedagogical games, we tried to create better conditions for children and stimulate the development of the educational process. The increased emphasis that we laid on this social cause stems from the will to build a long-term relationship between EcoSud and the community, characterised by involvement, dialogue and ethical conduct. Moreover, we firmly believe that early education is essential in outlining the behaviour of a future responsible citizen.