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Vidra - Ilfov

Founded in 2001, the Landfill for Industrial and Urban Waste in Vidra is one of the largest and most efficient landfill for solid urban waste in the South-East of the country. The services provided by the Landfill in Vidra are managed by the company Eco Sud S.A. by respecting the highest quality standards, in accordance with the European Community regulations and to the Romanian legislation in force and in close correlation with the environmental safety and protection.
Governed by the sound principles of waste management, the Landfill in Vidra provides services to households in all the districts of the capital and to the surrounding localities, that is to approximately 1,200,000 inhabitants, as of July 2001.
Over the years, Vidra Ecological Warehouse has developed step by step, depending on the storage requirements, as well as the quantities of waste provided, in compliance with the requirements of the technical project. The estimated storage capacity is 11.5 million cubic meters, the warehouse having an average daily flow of waste of approximately 2,400 tons and, consequently, an average annual amount of waste of 480,000 tons.
The position of leader is confirmed by the profitable and lasting partnerships that the company Eco Sud S.A. has achieved during the recent years with the main sanitation companies in Bucharest – Supercom SA, Sal Trans Exim SRL, Salserv Ecosistem SRL, Rebu SA, ADP District 4, Rosal Grup SA.
The landfill for solid urban and industrial waste in Vidra is structured as it follows:
• the storage area, destined for the storage of waste, has an approximate area of ​​38.6 hectares divided into 8 cells;
• the services area, for logistic services, for waste management , sorting and transfer, extended on 3.4 ha.
• Storing capacity: 11.5 million cubic meters
• Daily waste flow: approx. 2400 tons;
• Function time: 25 - 30 years, until it becomes full;
• Maximum height of the Landfill: 40 meters
• Waste quantity: 480,000 tonnes / year;
Regularity of arrivals into the Landfill: 1 garbage truck / 5 minutes