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Fratesti - Giurgiu

Eco Sud S.A began operating in the month of august 2017 the Giurgiu Integrated Waste Management Centre, in Fratesti commune.

The Fratesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti), done by the “Integrated system for solid waste management in the Giurgiu county” project, is localized on the Fratesti commune administrative territory, approx. 4,4 km north of Fratesti locality, in the eastern vicinity of National Road 5B Giurgiu-Ghimpati.

CMID Fratesti provides services for the whole Giurgiu county, meaning 289.000 inhabitants, out of which 88.646 from urban areas and 200.354 from rural areas, and offers sorting, composting, processing and final elimination waste services.


The Fratesti Integrated Waste Management Centre (CMID Fratesti) includes:

  • • Ecologic storage
  • • Composting station
  • • Sorting station
  • • Auxiliaty installations


  • Total Surface - 16,44 ha
  • Stoarge area (area for waste storage) - 6 ha, divided in 3 cells, as follows: cell no. 1 of 1,88 ha, and cells 2 and 3 of 4,12 ha;
  • Services area (logistics, waste management and transfer activities, sorting station, composting station) with a total surface area of approx. 10,44 ha;
  • Storage capacity: m3 788.884;
  • Quantity of stored waste: 100 tn/day;
  • Sorting capacity: 30 - 33 tn/day;
  • Composting capacity: 36,7 tn/day;
  • Functioning time: minimum 20 years.

ECO SUD will provide waste storage, treatment and disposal services as well as composting services, in accordance with European directives and national legislation in the field, aiming at preventing and reducing negative environmental impacts, especially surface or groundwater pollution, soil, air, but also the greenhouse effect and any risk for the health of the population during the functioning period of the landfill.