About Us

EcoSud is a leading provider of integrated environmental solutions designed to store and dispose of solid and assimilable household waste, both urban and industrial.

About Us

COMPANY PROFILE Since 2001, the company Eco Sud S.A. becomes a leading provider of integrated environmental solutions, for the storage and the disposal of solid household waste and similar, both urban and industrial. By its own landfills, the company Eco Sud consolidates its position as a company dedicated to service excellence and responsibility towards the environment

Eco Sud S.A., benefits from a more than 20 years’ experience with the management of ecological landfills of solid and waste, both urban and industrial, and holds a top place in Eastern Europe in the field of waste storage and treatment. Governed by solid principles in waste management, the company Eco Sud manages the activity of the following landfills:

• The Landfill for Industrial and Urban Solid Waste in Vidra, providing services to Bucharest and neighbouring areas.

• The Regional Landfill for Industrial and Urban Solid Waste in Mofleni, providing services to Craiova and to Dolj County

• The Central Landfill in Mavrodin for the sorting, composting, processing and storing of the solid municipal waste, providing services to the Teleorman County

• The Fratesti Integrated Waste Management Centre carrying out sorting and storage activities, providing services to Giurgiu County.

• The Solid Waste Integrated Waste Management System carrying out storage, transfer and sorting activities, providing services to Bacau County.

Non-hazardous Waste Landfill Girov with treatment activities, non-hazardous waste disposal and transfer, serving the Neamt County.