For a cleaner life!


Eco Sud operates 6 waste sorting stations, 4 composting stations, 3 transfer platforms and 6 ecologic Landfills, as follows:

  • The Landfill for Industrial and Urban Solid Waste in Vidra, providing services to Bucharest and neighbouring areas
  • The Regional Landfill for Industrial and Urban Solid Waste in Mofleni, providing services to Craiova and to Dolj County
  • The Central Landfill in Mavrodin for the sorting, composting, processing and storing of the solid municipal waste, providing services to the Teleorman County
  • The Fratesti Integrated Waste Management Centre carrying out sorting and storage activities, providing services to Giurgiu County.
  • The Solid Waste Integrated Waste Management System carrying out storage, transfer and sorting activities, providing services to Bacau County.
  • Non-hazardous Waste Landfill Girov with treatment activities, non-hazardous waste disposal and transfer, serving the Neamt County.

The storage area
The landfills develop in phases depending upon the requirements of storage, as well as upon the quantities of waste provided. The storage area is an area for storing waste, the partition being made in cells. As the landfill compartments are filled up, these will be closed as required by law.

The waste disposal capacity amounts to 30 million cubic meters, and the total area reaches 1,727,000 square meters in the 6 localities, where about 3 million kilos of waste is treated daily.

System for waterproofing the cells

The system for the waterproofing of the waste storage cells is designed as it follows:
• compacted clay layer, g = 0,50 m, permeability < 10-9 m/s
• geo-membrane layer, g = 2 mm – 2.5 mm
• geo-textile layer, m = 1000 g/m2 - 2000 g/m2
• Drainage tubes made of HDPE for the leachate collecting and transportation
• mineral filter – gravel 16/30, around the drainage tubing