For a cleaner life!

Mofleni - Craiova

The Landfill for Urban and Industrial Waste in Craiova Municipality was inaugurated in 2005, as a result of the Association Agreement with the Local Council of the Craiova Town, approved 3 years earlier.  

The existence of the Landfill in Mofleni has a general positive impact on the inhabitants of the Craiova town by taking use of the best technology for sustainable development, leading to the increased comfort and quality of life of the citizens. The average waste flow in the Landfill in Mofleni amounts to 350 tons daily, as the landfill provides services for the entire Craiova town and for other 32 localities in the Dolj County, that is approximately 420,000 inhabitants. Designed to provide storage of approx. 6,000,000 m³ of waste, it is estimated that the facility will operate for 39 years.

Thus, the access within the landfill is made by access cards issued by Eco Sud, and the waste weighing and transportation is made automatically by computerized system. The trucks unload the waste on the transfer platform, being directed and supervised by the platform coordinator.

The transfer of waste in the storage cell is made by the S.C. Eco Sud company, with its own equipment, and after tjis, the waste is levelled, compacted and periodically covered with inert material.

At the beginning of 2013, a cooperation protocol, which is a document necessary for the Master plan regarding the waste in the Dolj county, was signed between the Craiova Mayoralty, the Dolj County Council and the company Eco Sud S.A. By this partnership, the residual fraction of the household waste in the county, the waste that cannot be recycled or composted will be stored in the Landfill in Mofleni, Dolj, the only landfill considered compliant with the European Union requirements.

The Landfill in Mofleni has a total surface of 44.38 ha, out of which:

• the storage area, for waste storing, with an approximate surface of 39 ha, divided into cells of approximately 1.3 ha each;

• the services area, for logistic services and for landfill management activities, extended on approx. 4 ha.